Weekly Baskets

BASKET OPTIONS___________________________________________

Nation River Farms offers one basket size for our 8 week season in 2017.

The 8 Week Basket is ideal for one vegetable-loving person, or your average couple.

We appreciate and encourage those who can pay the full cost of their basket membership before the season starts on April 5th, and we offer a $10 discount to encourage early payment. However, we do offer payment plans to help those wanting 8-weeks of basket deliveries who would not otherwise be able to afford the upfront cost of the membership. Baskets are delivered to your home, work place, or another place of your choosing on a set day on a weekly basis. We will do our best to arrange a face-to-face rendezvous for delivering the vegetables, but because of our busy delivery schedule, we ask that you leave a cooler out if you are not around, or give instructions in advance of where to drop-off your basket.


8 Week Basket  –  $250
$250  (If payment made after April 5th, or by Installment plan: $100 deposit, remaining balance paid in agreed-upon Installments by May 21st)
$240 If payment made in full by April 5th

The 8 Week Baskets’ actual cost comes to $30.00 weekly, and we add on another 5-10% of value. You will receive no less than $33.00 of value in your weekly basket.


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CSA Refund Policy________________________________________________________________

Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We will make every effort to ensure our customers are happy with their CSA shares, but the nature of CSA is that customers are assuming some of the risks of farming. Refunds may be offered to families and individuals that need to discontinue their share due to unforeseen circumstances, but no refund is guaranteed.